Here’s How Natalie Portman Could Look As The MCU’s New Thor In Love And Thunder

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Not a lot of people were expecting Natalie Portman to ever make a return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially when she’d previously been so dismissive about her involvement in the franchise following Thor: The Dark World. Taking one of the best actresses of her generation and saddling her as the one-note love interest of a superhero was endemic of the problems that have seen the God of Thunder’s first two solo outings become widely regarded as two of the weaker entries in the MCU’s back catalogue.

However, after Taika Waititi boarded the ship and completely reinvented the Odinson in Ragnarok, which immediately led to him boasting the most interesting character arc across both Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, Thor is now one of the most popular characters in the entire shared universe and Portman took surprisingly little convincing to make her unexpected return to Asgard in Love and Thunder.

Not only is Jane Foster back, presumably with a personality this time around, but she’s also set to wield Mjolnir as she inherits the mantle of Thor as per her comic book counterpart, with the Academy Award winner already claiming that she’s going to rival Chris Hemsworth when it comes to getting jacked for the role.

And now, some awesome new fan art from Jackson Caspersz imagines how the Black Swan star could look as the MCU’s newest God of Thunder, and you can check it out below.

Natalie Portman Is Thor In Awesome New Love And Thunder Fan Art

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Thor: Love and Thunder already boasts a stacked cast that will include the Guardians of the Galaxy along with Valkyrie’s search for her Queen, and with Waititi promising that the next adventure will make the wacky and irreverent Ragnarok look tame by comparison, fans will need to strap in for a wild ride when it hits theaters in February 2022.

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