A Beloved Seth Rogen Movie Is Dominating Netfix Today

3 hours ago


With so much new stuff added to Netflix each month, it can sometimes be overwhelming trying to figure out what to watch. However, a quick look at the Top 10 charts will usually give you a solid idea of which of the service’s recent content is resonating with subscribers most, and today’s list is no exception to that rule with quite a spread of genres making up the top ten most-viewed films chart.

The Netflix Original rom-com Love, Guaranteed is at the top, perhaps unsurprisingly, while the snake-based horror flick Anaconda is bringing up the center and the often overlooked comedy Due Date continues to trend in a healthy spot. Meanwhile, a particularly hilarious film added at the beginning of the month is currently among the most-viewed movies on the platform, and it’s one that’s well-deserving of its spot on that list.

The Seth Rogen and James Franco pic Pineapple Express has climbed the charts today to become the 9th most-watched film on Netflix, and for good reason, as this hilarious Judd Apatow effort is one hell of a funny ride. It tells the story of a stoner and his marijuana dealer who end up on the run from a hitman after one of them witnesses a corrupt cop kill someone.

As expected from any Seth Rogen outing, Pineapple Express exudes dry humor and drug-based gags, and it’s all made even better with a fantastic supporting cast that includes such actors as Danny McBride, Ken Jeong and Craig Robinson. It earned itself a totally decent 68% on Rotten Tomatoes, and though most critics agreed that the film is chock full of laughs, some complained about its second half being gratuitously violent.

So though your mileage may vary, Pineapple Express remains among the most sought-after comedies on Netflix right now and is at least worth a glance for Rogen fans.

Source: FlixPatrol