A Great Forgotten Cameron Diaz Movie Just Hit Netflix Today

2 hours ago


There are plenty of awesome movies already available to stream on Netflix, but today sees the arrival of a great flick from 2011 that’s at least worth a weekend viewing for comedy fans. Even better, it stars a retired actress that we all truly miss on the big screen.

Cameron Diaz’s Bad Teacher is a raunchy flick that follows a lazy woman who gets dumped by her rich fiancé and is forced to return to her old career as a middle school teacher so that she can afford breast implants. Unfortunately for the school and her students, though, she’s indifferent to the job itself, and her selfish antics create chaos for everyone who crosses her path.

Bad Teacher only has a 44% on Rotten Tomatoes, indicating that it’s not Diaz’s best work. But rest assured that while the film may not make its way up your favorite movies list, it’s guaranteed to offer a handful of laughs that will make it worth a popcorn date on the couch.

There were talks for a sequel to the film a while back, and a very short-lived TV series with a different cast aired on CBS in 2013, but interest fizzled out and nothing more ever came of the property. Diaz, meanwhile, retired from acting altogether in 2014 after her final role in that year’s remake of Annie, citing exhaustion from traveling for shooting movies as the primary reason.

If you’re not feeling Bad Teacher, though, you can surely find something fresh to watch out of all of the new content that’s already dropped on Netflix this month. You can head over here to take a look at some of the new films and shows that the service has added, and be sure to stay tuned for more updates on what’s coming in the future.

Source: What’s On Netflix