A Surprising Action Movie Has Been Dominating Netflix Today

21 mins ago


The name EuropaCorp might not mean much on first glance, but any self-respecting fan of the action genre has seen at least a handful of the production company’s movies. Founded by Luc Besson, EuropaCorp specializes in mid-budget and almost universally mediocre actioners that tend to provide a halfway decent slice of Friday night entertainment before fading entirely from memory. Responsible for the Transporter and Taken franchises along with Colombiana, Lockout, 3 Days to Kill, Brick Mansions, Anna and many more, you know exactly what to expect when you see their logo play in front of the credits.

Now, one of the studio’s more forgotten titles has become the latest unremarkable movie to have found an unexpected second life on Netflix, as From Paris with Love currently ranks as the eighth most-watched film on the streaming service in the United States. Though the reason behind its sudden burst of popularity is hard to pin down.

EuropaCorp to the bone, From Paris with Love boasts a story by Besson, a script from 3 Days to Kill‘s Adi Hasak and Taken director Pierre Morel behind the camera. The plot follows Jonathan Rhys Myers’ unassuming aide to the U.S. Ambassador in France, who gets paired up with rogue CIA agent Charlie Wax, played by a scenery-devouring John Travolta in one of the first roles where he didn’t shy away from the fact that he’d been bald for years.

The by-the-numbers affair hardly set the box office alight after just about recouping the $52 million budget in theaters, and received a lukewarm reaction from critics, but Netflix subscribers can’t seem to get enough of it. If you want to switch off your brain for a bit and enjoy 90 or so minutes of mindless nonsense, then From Paris with Love is certainly worth checking out, with Travolta’s performance far and away the undisputed highlight.

Source: FlixPatrol