Alien: Covenant Star Would Return To The Franchise In A Heartbeat

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The rights to the Alien franchise now belong to Disney following their takeover of Fox, and as much as the company loves a money-spinning franchise, you get the distinct impression that they wouldn’t be interested in making expensive R-rated sci-fi movies packed with gore.

However, if the Mouse House are intent on operating the recently rebranded 20th Century Studios as an entirely separate entity that handles the more adult-orientated content that would have Walt turning over in his cryogenic chamber, then the Xenomorphs may well return in the future.

Ridley Scott certainly seems to think that they will, with the director recently confirming that he was in the early stages of working on the seventh installment, which would be his fourth in total. Having directed the 1979 original, the filmmaker returned over 30 years later and delivered the divisive if successful Prometheus. Alien: Covenant, meanwhile, was arguably a better movie, but made a lot less money at the box office and looked to have placed the franchise in stasis once again.

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Lead actress Katherine Waterstone’s Daniel was also last seen in stasis, and in a recent interview, the actress admitted that if she was offered the chance to appear in another Alien movie, she definitely wouldn’t turn it down.

“In a heartbeat. I loved working with Ridley and I loved playing that part. I hope we can. I would love it. I hope she’s still alive.”

We’ve probably seen enough Alien films at this point, but the brand remains popular and there’s every chance that the Xenomorphs aren’t done yet, even now that they’re under the purview of the staunchly family-friendly Disney. In any case, Scott seems game to return, but we’ll just need to wait and see who else he wants to bring along for the ride as he looks to close out the trilogy that he started almost a decade ago.

Source: Decider