An Underrated Robert Downey Jr. Movie Continues To Dominate Netflix

13 mins ago


Despite the large amount of content on the platform, Netflix‘s Top 10 lists continue to throw up some unusual choices. At times, the success of an overlooked or forgotten film may be just due to recency bias, as in when it was added to the service, but other examples show that subscribers can latch on to some random titles. An underrated Robert Downey Jr. movie falls somewhat into both camps. Namely, 2010’s Due Date, which has been a regular fixture in the Top 10 charts all month.

Due Date has already enjoyed a solid run of success on Netflix throughout September and seems to have staying power to maintain its high ranking. The picture stars Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis in a road comedy, with Todd Phillips behind the camera. Clearly influenced by the success of The Hangover, the film sees Downey Jr. play an architect trying to travel from Atlanta to Los Angeles to be with his wife when she gives birth.

Unfortunately, he happens across Galifianakis as an aspiring actor, and the mismatched pair soon find themselves kicked off a flight and forced into a cross-country road trip. Audiences were pretty keen on this one during its theatrical release, and it made a not-inconsiderable $211.8 million on a $65 million budget. However, the critical response was more mixed, with the general opinion being that Due Date wastes its stars on a derivative concept.

Ten years later, though, and Netflix viewers can’t seem to get enough of the pic, which may have something to do with how the two leads and director Phillips have maintained strong careers since its release. Indeed, Downey Jr. made Due Date in the midst of his remarkable run of success in the MCU, which was supported by his well-received turn as Sherlock Holmes.

While his first major outing since Avengers: Endgame was the rather bizarre Dolittle, it’s worth noting that RDJ almost always brings something special to even the most flawed films. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why Due Date has been going down so well with Netflix audiences this month. Then again, it could also just be a case of the company’s algorithms combining to make a title unusually popular.

Source: FlixPatrol