Awesome Arrowverse Fan Art Unites The CW’s Justice League

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When Ezra Miller made an unexpected cameo appearance during the Arrowverse‘s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event, it seemed to indicate that The CW’s universe of superhero shows and the DCEU’s blockbuster movies exist in the same space. By that logic, if one reality has a Justice League, then the network could have one of their own as well.

With The Flash set to dive headfirst into the multiverse, there’s been hope among the Arrowverse’s creative team that the two worlds could collide again in the future, while Grant Gustin has already found himself linked to a cameo role in the Scarlet Speedster’s feature debut. And while Arrow may have wrapped up and Supergirl will soon follow, the minds behind the Arrowverse still have their annual crossover to build towards.

On that note, an epic new fan poster from Sonia Kupi gathers together the small screen Justice League, and as you can see below, there’s more than enough talent there to make it worth Greg Berlanti’s while to utilize the all-star ensemble for a future team-up.

Epic Arrowverse Fan Art Unites The CW's Justice League

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Despite the best efforts of the network, nobody is going to suddenly start calling their lineup of shows The CWVerse, and even in this fan poster, Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen looms large over the proceedings. Superman, Supergirl, The Flash, White Canary, Batwoman, Martian Manhunter, Black Lightning and Green Lantern make for a solid lineup, no doubt, and one that’s more than capable of heading up a small screen epic that could realistically act as the Arrowverse‘s next major crossover. Sure, several favorites might be on their last legs, but there’s plenty more coming down the pipeline as the lineup resets, reshuffles and reinvents itself every few years in an effort to stop itself from stagnating.

Source: Reddit