COVID-Positive Employees Reportedly Allowed To Work At Disney World

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This year’s COVID-19 pandemic – which has now infected 27 million people worldwide – has led to the overwhelming majority of citizens practicing social distancing and other safety-forward precautions to avoid catching or spreading the virus. This has meant that many companies have also had to step up their safety measures in an attempt to mitigate the effects of the outbreak, too, such as having employees and customers wear masks, implementing intense cleaning regiments, and sometimes altering store hours. Depending on the type of business, some employees are even required to be tested frequently.

However, sources have now opened up to The Daily Beast regarding one very popular tourist destination and their shady practices during the pandemic. That destination is none other than Disney World, which after a multi-month closure during the beginning of the outbreak, reopened back in early July despite many warning that the infection rate was still far too high in its home state of Florida.

Though the popular theme park has implemented temperature checks for every visitor and insists that masks be worn at all times, it seems their protocols for employees are quite a bit less strict. In fact, Disney is reportedly allowing COVID-positive cast and maintenance members to continue working their normal shifts rather than asking them to quarantine while the company begins contact tracing efforts, as would be the normal and expected route after such findings.

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Even worse, Disney is allegedly not even informing other employees that some of their co-workers have tested positive, meaning they’re unwittingly working alongside someone who could infect them, too. If true, this would be a substantial PR hit for the company and could even result in some pretty severe ramifications for their parks. As of now, however, the Mouse House has yet to comment on these reports.

Still, it goes without saying that, for the time being anyways, it’s probably best to avoid Disney World.

Source: The Daily Beast