DC Fans Are Demanding Henry Cavill Star In A New Superman Movie

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For a long time, it looked as though Henry Cavill was going to earn a reputation as cinema’s nearly man of the mid 2000s, having been considered for Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins and auditioned for Superman in J.J. Abrams’ canceled Superman: Flyby, as well as making it to the final two contenders when James Bond was being recast for Casino Royale.

It may have taken a few years longer than initially planned, but Cavill eventually landed what had the makings of a career-defining role when he was finally cast as the Big Blue Boy Scout in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. And while the reboot might have earned $668 million at the box office and served as the launchpad for an entire shared superhero universe, there’s never seemed to be any real interest in a sequel.

The leading man was then shunted into the background of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice as Snyder focused his attention of the Dark Knight instead, and the theatrical release of Justice League reduced his involvement to a glorified cameo. There were even constant rumors that his time under the cape could be over before he’d even gotten a chance to really show what he could do.

The Witcher star did eventually sign a new deal with Warner Bros., but it reportedly only includes cameos in other projects, meaning that we might never see a genuine follow-up to Man of Steel. Fans clearly aren’t going to give up on the idea, though, and are once again calling for a new Superman movie, as you can see below.

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Me calling the WB office to check if Henry Cavill is still the current Clark Kent: pic.twitter.com/vuPMrd8JHo

— Axtion Am (@Axtion_Am) September 7, 2020

What the world need now is hope #HenryCavillSuperman pic.twitter.com/9m5KWq0XGy

— Steven – Podcaster 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 (@stebob1984) September 7, 2020

Even Batfleck is shocked that we haven't gotten any more solo #Superman movies with Henry Cavill!#HenryCavillSuperman pic.twitter.com/fWzLoddKSE

— Chris Wong-Swenson #PingPongFlix 👍 (@pingpongflix) September 7, 2020

I honestly think Henry Cavill is the perfect Superman actor. His physique, looks, enthusiasm, subtlety and knowledge and love for the character are all things that make him born for that role. He´s been great so far, I´d love to see what more he can bring. #HenryCavillSuperman pic.twitter.com/Sj2UZWL32U

— Pavol Matula (@pavol_matula) September 7, 2020

Henry Cavill Teases His Superman Return In New Workout Photo

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Are we ever gonna stop asking for another Superman solo movie??#HenryCavillSuperman pic.twitter.com/yx8WKOUYwb

— Dany of Rivia will see #ZackSnydersJusticeLeague (@CaresDaniella) September 7, 2020

“You will give the people of Earth an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you, they will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun, Kal. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders.” #HenryCavillSuperman #HenryCavillpic.twitter.com/OCikNPa90O

— White Wolf✵‿.•*´¯ *✵ (@WhiteWolf_14) September 7, 2020

Henry Cavill was the best Superman since Christopher Reeve & this is coming from someone who loved "Lois & Clark". And Henry deserves another Superman film. Try to change my mind.#HenryCavillSuperman 💪 pic.twitter.com/VatjWExrSO

— Sha Hartley (@shahartley) September 7, 2020

Don't know why #HenryCavillSuperman is trending, but shout out to the best movie superhero. Can't wait to finally see him, and Lois!, again next year pic.twitter.com/UhYrCdD4yl

— Antonio (@yodaspecies) September 7, 2020

There’s no reason not to make a sequel to Man of Steel. The perfect cast has already been established. Get a screenwriter and filmmaker passionate about building on what we already have and let’s fly!#HenryCavillSuperman pic.twitter.com/gV1wE7vNuS

— Richard Newby (@RICHARDLNEWBY) September 7, 2020

We are going to see him come back and rise in #TheSnyderCut and i cant wait.

But we want more? YES.#HenryCavillSuperman pic.twitter.com/HInGNrJ0jP

— Daniel Garrido M. (@Dani_Elgarri30) September 7, 2020

The DCEU has six movies scheduled for release before the end of 2022, but there’s still no sign of a full-blown Superman sequel. Although, the Snyder Cut of Justice League promises to give Cavill a much more substantial arc the second time around.

Still, fans would obviously love to see a proper Man of Steel follow-up, but given that he’s held the role for almost a decade at this point, it might remain nothing more than wishful thinking.