Deadpool Is Now Streaming On Netflix UK

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Since acquiring the 20th Century Fox library as part of their takeover, Disney have slowly started rolling out some of the studio’s comic book properties onto their in-house streaming service. The majority of the X-Men lineup is now available in various territories, and Tim Story’s Fantastic Four also recently landed for those who want to check out Chris Evans’ first stab at playing a Marvel superhero. However, one title that seems very unlikely to arrive on the Mouse House’s platform is Deadpool.

Unless they add a parental lock onto the app to keep it out of the reach of younger viewers, there’s no chance that the foul-mouthed, incredibly violent and very much R-rated blockbuster will be added to a content library that represents the staunchly family-friendly Disney brand. There have been rumors that such a feature could be added in the future, though, and while Disney Plus subscribers will no doubt have to wait a long time to see Deadpool, Netflix customers in the United Kingdom now have the option at their fingertips.

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Netflix don’t have the domestic streaming rights to the movie, which is why Deadpool has been limited to the UK, but given the overwhelming global popularity of the Merc with a Mouth, it isn’t surprising that it’s already cracked the country’s Top 10 most-watched list in short order. Deadpool is available to stream Stateside as well, of course, but only on the FX app or for those with a fuboTV subscription.

The second installment isn’t available on any service in the United States yet, but if Deadpool has made it to UK customers, then it stands to reason that Wade Wilson’s sophomore outing will end up being added to the library in the not-too-distant future.