Disney Reportedly Eyeing Ryan Reynolds For Upcoming Live-Action Remake

2 hours ago


The last thing that Ryan Reynolds needs to do right now is sign on to star in another movie, with the Deadpool actor already having thirteen projects on his upcoming slate, only three of which have finished shooting. Not to mention that Netflix’s action blockbuster Red Notice only resumed filming a couple of weeks ago. If he’s not careful, the 43 year-old could end up completely burning himself out, especially when he’s also winning plaudits for his business savvy away from the silver screen.

Then again, he might be happy working nonstop for what will be the next few years at the very least, especially following the latest rumors that he’s being eyed to join Disney’s live-action remake of their cult favorite Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Yes, as you may’ve seen, We Got This Covered told you earlier this week that Reynolds is being courted for the role of Commander Lyle Tiberius Rourke, the character voiced by acting legend James Garner in the 2001 original.

Now, trusted insider Daniel Richtman has backed up our intel over on Patreon, claiming that the prospective new owner of a soccer team is indeed on the Mouse House’s radar for the in-development project. No further details were shared, but it seems that Disney is eager to get the actor on board.

Of course, Atlantis: The Lost Empire enjoyed mixed fortunes when it first hit theaters, struggling at the box office and earning mixed reviews, but it’s since gone on to become regarded as one of the studio’s most underrated animations ever. The production line of live-action remakes is set to roll on for a long time yet, that much we know, and having tackled most of the top tier titles already, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Disney is now diving deeper into their extensive back catalogue for inspiration to keep those box office billions rolling in.

Source: Patreon