Enola Holmes Scores Biggest Netflix Opening Since March

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Since the Coronavirus pandemic came along and changed life as we know it, people have spent a lot more time at home, and one of the few beneficiaries of the global crisis have been the multitude of streaming services. Viewing figures for all of the major platforms have gone through the roof over the last six months, which has been good news in particular for the recent launches of HBO Max and Peacock.

Netflix are still the undisputed market leaders, though, and added another ten million customers between April and June alone. Based on those numbers, it doesn’t come as a surprise that when the streaming giant finally unveiled their Top 10 most-watched movies ever, three of them had been released between March and May of this year. The Old Guard also nestled into sixth place thanks to racking up a reported 72 million streams in the four weeks after it debuted in July, and now it looks like Enola Holmes could soon be joining the list.

Enola Holmes Character Posters Introduce The Whole Super-Sleuthing Family

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The spinoff focusing on Sherlock’s kid sister only debuted yesterday, but it’s already become the most popular title in 76 countries around the world, and has scored the biggest Netflix debut since March. In fact, when the dust settles, it seems Enola Holmes could have a real shot at snatching Extraction‘s crown as the platform’s biggest film premiere ever.

#EnolaHolmes is a smash hit!

It has the biggest Netflix opening ever since we start collecting TOP 10 results in March.

🏆 #1 in 76 out of 78 monitored countries
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The aforementioned Chris Hemsworth-led flick was a violent R-rated actioner, while Enola Holmes is a family-friendly caper, meaning that it already appeals to a much wider target audience, and both fans and critics seem to be loving the movie starring Stranger Things‘ Millie Bobby Brown in the title role. There’s still a long way to go, of course, but at this rate, don’t be surprised if it ends up becoming Netflix’s most-watched original pic of all-time.