Fortnite Has Now Been Played For Longer Than Humans Have Existed

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As if Fortnite didn’t already have enough accolades to its name, it would seem as if the battle royale has just recorded one of the most impressive yet.

According to research carried out by UK retailer GAME (H/T, Screen Rant), the absurdly popular multiplayer title has been played for a cumulative total of 3,802,500,000 days since it launched back in 2017. To put that ridiculous figure into clearer perspective, it means in just three short years, gamers in their millions have racked up 10,417,808 years of combined play time. For the sake of comparison, modern humans have been loitering around on planet Earth for a measly 6 million years, making the former number all the more jaw-dropping, if not outright mind-blowing.

As for how other popular titles stack up against Epic Games’ behemoth, Activision Blizzard’s long-running MMO World of Warcraft, which released way back in 2004, comes in a distant second with a total of 2,083,333,333 days (or 5,707,763 years) played. Others in the top 10 include Grand Theft Auto V, Overwatch and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

See below for the full list, ordered by most to least-played:

Fortnite Has Been Played For Longer Than Humans Have Existed

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If it wasn’t already obvious just how head-and-shoulders above the rest Fortnite is in terms of engagement and popularity, then this study’s findings ought to do it. World of Warcraft was for a long time, considered to be untouchable in that regard, after all, and it has less than half the total of the top spot. Will the astounding climb continue, though? With massive collaborative events such as that with Marvel currently taking place in-game and no doubt more to come in the future and beyond, it certainly seems unlikely that the industry’s poster child will be falling into obscurity anytime soon.

Source: ScreenRant