Hawkeye TV Show Reportedly Features A Classic Iron Man Villain

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Disney Plus has a fantastic slate of Marvel Studios television projects on the way, beginning this December with the release of WandaVision. One of the most anticipated Marvel shows that’s said to begin filming this fall, though, is Hawkeye, which will see the return of Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton alongside newcomer Kate Bishop, who might be played by Hailee Steinfeld. Possible villains for the series include longtime Hawkeye antagonist the Clown, but a new rumor suggests that the show’s main threat may actually be a popular Iron Man villain from the comics.

According to a report from The Direct, Marvel Studios is currently casting an actress to play Madame Masque. This shouldn’t surprise fans of the source material, of course, as Giuletta Nefaria, better known as her alter ego Madame Masque, has strong ties to Kate Bishop in recent Hawkeye runs. Masque’s involved in shady dealings with her businessman father, and so the inclusion of the villain may be used to further develop Kate’s personal arc early on.

Clint will likely be able to help in some capacity, but if recent rumors are true, then he’ll be busy dealing with the Clown. In the comics, the villain causes Barton to lose his hearing, so Marvel may be planning to adapt this storyline and have Bishop ultimately take over the mantle of Hawkeye.

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Some fans may be asking about Madame Masque’s current inclusion in the MCU, though, as Agent Carter viewers will remember that Whitney Frost showed up in the second season of the short lived series on ABC and wreaked some havoc in S.H.I.E.L.D.’s early days. The Agent Carter iteration of Madame Masque had the real name Agnes Cully, however, and the version that’s likely to appear in Hawkeye is, as mentioned above, named Giuletta Nefaria. Though both go by the stage name Whitney Frost, they’re two different people, and so are ultimately different characters. As such, if it pleases you, Agent Carter can still be considered MCU canon.

In any case, there’s clearly a lot to look forward to when it comes to the upcoming Hawkeye series and you can catch it when it drops on Disney Plus in the fall of 2021.

Source: The Direct