HBO Max Reportedly Discussing A Swamp Thing Revival

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It seemed as though Swamp Thing was canceled before it even had a chance to find an audience, with the announcement that the DC Comics adaptation had been canned coming before the first ten episodes had finished airing. This was just the latest blow to the DC Universe streaming service, of course, which had already been struggling due to a severe lack of content, with rumors frequently making the rounds that it was on the verge of collapse.

However, the advent of HBO Max looks to have thrown a lifeline to the DC Universe lineup, with all of the content reportedly set to find a new home on Warner Bros.’ much more successful platform, and they’re already footing the bill for Doom Patrol before it officially makes the jump on a permanent basis starting with season 3.

The CW Reveals New Poster And Premiere Date For Swamp Thing

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The smart money is certainly on DC Universe being shut down entirely and the library being absorbed by HBO Max, and we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones that told us about both the Justice League Dark and Green Lantern series for the platform before either was announced – that the possibility of a Swamp Thing revival is already being discussed behind the scenes.

Of course, reruns of the one and only season start airing on The CW from next month, but the network would need to shell out quite a bit of money if they wanted to bring it back and potentially add it to the Arrowverse. According to our intel, the WB higher-ups are keen to go all-in on DC content as one of HBO Max’s major selling points, and while nothing has been decided on just yet, they certainly see potential in another run of Swamp Thing that could tie into Justice League Dark and start laying the foundations for a shared TV universe that would complement the big screen DCEU.