Henry Cavill Avoids Question About Possible Superman Sequel

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Henry Cavill has had a busy couple of years playing the lead role in Netflix’s The Witcher, but will the actor ever consider reprising his part in the DCEU as Superman beyond the Snyder Cut of Justice League?

After all, his debut as the Son of Krypton in 2013’s Man of Steel left much to be desired. And Batman V Superman was as convoluted as it was middling, not to mention the theatrical version of 2017’s Justice League hardly featured the Big Blue Boy Scout. Many fans seem to think that there’s still a lot of unearthed potential in Henry Cavill’s iteration of the popular superhero, then, and the actor has certainly proven himself to be tireless when it comes to taking on several projects at once, but will that attitude extend to returning as the Man of Steel in a sequel?

Cavill is currently taking in the hype for Enola Holmes, a new Netflix film where he plays Arthur Conan Doyle’s world famous detective Sherlock Holmes. In a recent interview, though, the subject inevitably turned to a possible DCEU reprisal and whether he’d be up for it, but the actor was quick to dismiss the question.

“Well, I think it’s important that this should be about Enola Holmes,” Cavill told the GQ reporter who brought it up.

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When asked if this response is a way of saying “no comment” without denying his involvement with a potential project, he grinned mildly and replied: “I said what I said.”

At this point, the idea isn’t completely unfeasible. Last week, in fact, reports surfaced about a 3-movie deal with Warner Bros. securing Cavill’s return as Superman in the near future, so there is that. To know for sure, though, I guess we’ll have to wait and see how Zack Snyder’s Justice League pans out first.

Source: ComicBook.com