Here’s How Aaron Paul Could Look As Electro In Spider-Man 3

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This electrifying fan art (sorry in advance) imagines what Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul would look like as the MCU’s Electro (real name Maxwell Dillon). The supervillain has proved one of Spider-Man’s most enduring foes, racking up countless comic book battles, animated showdowns and one film appearance over his 56 years of evildoing.

Of course, there’s a lot to like about the idea of casting Paul in the role. He instilled Jesse Pinkman with intense, nervous energy, creating the impression that he could explode at any moment. Just the kind of barely concealed volatility required for a man who literally has electricity coursing through his veins. And as far as this new piece of fan art goes, it certainly helps us imagine the actor in the part.

Here's How Aaron Paul Could Look As The MCU's Electro

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Despite his history in the Spider-Man universe, Electro has only featured in one movie to date, with Jamie Foxx playing the living capacitor in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Alongside a refashioned origin story, the character’s iconic green/yellow suit was ditched, and I don’t think anyone was pleased with the result.

Foxx is a capable actor, true, but he was miscast in a part that was mishandled. Should the studio opt for a reboot, one hopes it’ll hue closer to this fan art than to The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s eel shenanigans. Regrettably, that went down as one of the all-time flimsiest superpower origins.

Got any thoughts of your own on this fan art? Leave a comment with anything you’d like to add below. There’s no word yet on who’s got villain duties for Spider-Man 3, so who knows, Electro might turn up? So far, Tom Holland’s movies have steered clear of the hero’s most famous antagonists, as there’s been no Green Goblins or Doctor Octopuses as yet. But no doubt fans would love to see Maxwell Dillon appear at some point.

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