Here’s How Shuri Could Look As The MCU’s Next Black Panther

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Following the devastating death of Chadwick Boseman, it remains to be seen how his legacy will be handled in the MCU. The beloved actor was due to start prepping for Black Panther 2 this very month, ahead of filming beginning next March, but obviously that schedule won’t be kept now. It’s widely agreed, though, that no one wants to see Boseman replaced as Black Panther, with fans hoping that Marvel takes a page from the comics and has his sister Shuri step up to take on T’Challa’s mantle instead.

Now, digital artist BossLogic has given us a taste of what it would be like if the genius inventor became the protector of Wakanda. The artist shared two alternate versions of his stylish piece, one with a Black Panther helmet pattern over Shuri’s face and one without. “For the king,” he wrote in his caption.

Here's How Shuri Could Look As The MCU's Next Black Panther

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In the replies to BL’s post on Twitter, you can see fans debating whether Shuri taking over as Black Panther is a good idea or not. Some are thinking that it doesn’t make sense for her to become a warrior and a queen at this stage and that the MCU Shuri is a very different character from the comics iteration. One person even suggests that Okoye could become the next Black Panther instead. However, it does seem that most are behind the possibility that the sequel could refocus on Shuri.

Whatever happens, Black Panther 2 will be a hugely emotional production for all involved. For the cast, the crew and for the audience. Reports say that Marvel isn’t actively working on the sequel right now, and is instead thinking about how to honor Boseman, but they are said to be well aware of the challenge they face moving forward with the franchise without the talented star to lead it.

Source: BossLogic