How Old Thor Really Is In His Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies

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Chris Hemsworth probably has a few things in common with Thor by now, given how long he’s been playing the character in the MCU, but age is not one of them. The Aussie actor is currently 37 and, as anyone who knows their Marvel lore will tell you, the God of Thunder is far older than that. Asgardians typically live for around 5,000 years, though Thor’s exact age in the blockbuster series has never been disclosed. The folks at ScreenRant, however, reckon they’ve got it worked out.

The closest Marvel has come to revealing a specific age for the hammer-wielding superhero came in Avengers: Infinity War when he told Rocket Raccoon that he’s 1,500 years old, which is almost certainly a ballpark figure. Using this as a starting point and coupling it with his 518 AD birth year, ScreenRant has calculated Thor’s age throughout the franchise, no doubt taking timeline inconsistencies into account.

Based on the publication’s number-crunching, Thor should have been 1,493 when he was first introduced in the MCU. His second solo movie, The Dark World, was set in 2013, meaning he would have been 1,495 by that point, and 1,499 in Ragnarok. Given that Avengers: Endgame includes a time-jump, the Asgardian will have been 1,505 by the end of Phase 3.

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Most of those 1,505 years look like they were kind to Hemsworth’s character, although he does appear worse for wear in Endgame. In any case, Asgardians age entirely differently to humans, so like the actor who plays him, Thor is probably still in his 30s in human years.

Presumably, this means the hero potentially has some MCU mileage left in him, though whether Marvel has any plans for him beyond 2022’s Thor: Love and Thunder remains to be seen. There are signs that Hemsworth could be passing the hammer onto Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster in that movie, but it’s anybody’s guess whether that means he’s destined for an Asgardian retirement home in Phase 4.

Source: ScreenRant