Jason Momoa Teases Joining Henry Cavill In The Witcher Universe

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Jason Momoa and Henry Cavill are no strangers to sharing the screen in effects-heavy productions, with the duo next to be seen in Zack Snyder’s all-new cut of Justice League, which will hopefully go a long way to rectifying the mistakes of the theatrical edition that gave Momoa’s Aquaman very little to do and reduced Cavill’s Superman to a glorified cameo.

Outside of the DCEU, though, the two of them have a lot more in common than just playing superheroes and being handsome physical specimens, having both gained widespread acclaim for their roles in fantasy TV shows. Momoa is the more experienced of the two having appeared in Stargate Atlantis before cementing Khal Drogo as a Game of Thrones icon in the space of just eleven episodes, and was also recently seen in Apple TV+ epic See.

Meanwhile, Cavill launched a thousand memes as the gruff Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s smash hit The Witcher, which reigned as the most popular show on the planet for a long time, and in an attempt to capitalize on that success, the streaming service announced that a prequel series, titled Blood Origin, was in the works before the second outing of the main story had even resumed shooting after a lengthy Coronavirus-related delay.

Momoa has found himself linked to a major role in Blood Origin on numerous occasions recently, with WGTC being the first ones to reveal that he was being eyed for the project a few weeks back. The 41 year-old has clearly caught wind of the speculation, too, and posted some fan art on social media this week and even tagged Cavill directly, as you can see below.

Jason Momoa Teases Joining DCEU Co-Star Henry Cavill In The Witcher

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Whether this means there’s more weight to the rumors than first thought or Momoa is just having a little fun at his buddy’s expense, there’s no denying that it would be a huge get for both Netflix and The Witcher if he were to sign on. Not to mention it’d be a much better idea than the last time the Baywatch alum attempted to play the leading man of a fantasy epic in the ill-judged Conan the Barbarian remake.

Source: ComicBook.com