Kevin James Wants Netflix To Make A Sequel To Classic Adam Sandler Film

58 mins ago


Adam Sandler is one of the jewels in Netflix’s crown, despite the vast majority of his output being the subject of terrible reviews. After all, the 54 year-old’s work is virtually guaranteed to draw in huge numbers of viewers, with almost every one of his movies both new and old managing to crack the streaming service’s Top 10 most-watched list in no time at all.

The company are happy to remain in the Sandler business for as long as possible, then, with recent reports indicating that they’re keen to extend the working relationship that’s so far brought both of them huge success. Although it would be nice to see the actor branch out and capitalize on the critical acclaim that greeted a rare dramatic turn in Uncut Gems, the two parties are yet to deviate from the established formula that sees Sandler round up his usual posse of frequent collaborators.

On that note, Hubie Halloween hits Netflix next month, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Kevin James is part of the cast. James is one of Sandler’s most regular running buddies, and the upcoming comedy marks their eleventh time as co-stars. In a recent interview, the former King of Queens star was asked which one of his good friend’s character should get their own Netflix vehicle, and he responded with a firm fan favorite.

“Oh, Bobby Boucher. I think Bobby Boucher would crush it. I’d wanna see more of that. I think he’s phenomenal. I would love to see that.”

The Waterboy remains one of the most popular movies of Adam Sandler‘s entire career, raking in $190 million at the box office back in 1998 and becoming one of his most widely quoted roles. The Happy Madison head honcho largely tends to avoid making sequels to his own back catalogue, but with the Netflix partnership set to continue for a long time, yet it can’t be completely ruled out.

Source: CinemaBlend