Marvel Fans Defend Chris Evans After Nude Photo Accidentally Leaks

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Chris Evans has been finding himself trending all weekend, but not for the right reasons.

As you may’ve heard, the actor had an unfortunate mishap yesterday when he accidentally shared a nude photo of himself to his millions of Instagram followers. Though it was quickly deleted, it wasn’t long before it began spreading online and it’d be fair to say that it’s been all anyone could talk about lately.

But it’s important to remember that Evans himself is probably not taking this too well and can’t be happy about the whole thing. And his fans certainly know that, as tons of people have hopped on Twitter over the past day or so to jump to his defense, calling on folks to respect the actor and quit sharing the photo in question.

Below, you can see just some of what they’re saying:

Please be kind to Chris Evans. He’s a human too and he deserves respect.

— WonderousSerap (@8Cooltiffy89) September 12, 2020

Please help me to report Chris Evans tweets where the screenshots are seen and better spread the positive tweets because a person like him deserves to be respected and more so being the incredible person he is. He needs are help as a fandom we are his family. He is a good guy

— Angie de la Torre (@AngelaNallely4) September 12, 2020

Chris Evans is a gentleman 🥺❤

— ṃєռєяṿѧ_४⧗⍟ (@LadyLokiEvans) September 12, 2020

pictures of chris evans with his dog dodger to cleanse your timeline

— chris evans archive (@cevansarchive) September 12, 2020

chris evans is so fine. also stop searching for the pictures. very disrespectful and invasion of privacy.

— kameron (@kameronjayde_) September 12, 2020

instead of spreading chris evans leaked photo, share these. thank you.

— 😈fat lemon🍋 (@baroness_zemo) September 12, 2020

You know Chris Evans is a goat when Twitter is showing him so much love after what he accidentally showed on his IG Story.

— Hilton Goode (@HiltonGoode) September 13, 2020

Chris Evans is a good man he doesn’t deserve to have his nudes shared around like mad. Respect his privacy please.

— Blueberry – BLM (@Camacaw) September 13, 2020

putting chris evans doing charity work for children’s hospitals on your tl

— katie (@cevansavenger) September 13, 2020

chris evans deserves the world but the world does not deserve chris evans🌟

— ju⚡️ (@tropimovie) September 12, 2020

Everyone coming to Chris Evans' rescue by flooding his hashtag with wholesome pics is genuinely sweet and feels like when New Yorkers won't give up Spider-Man's identity

— Parker (@jeffparker) September 12, 2020

chris evans tl cleanse!! remember he’s a human! treat him like one!

— katie (@cevansavenger) September 12, 2020

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Of course, this will all die down in a few days, as these things often do, but for now, it looks set to be a hot topic for at least the rest of the weekend. And while it’s certainly unfortunate for Evans, it also could’ve been worse – as many celebrities know all too well.

In any case, it’s nice to see so many people coming to the actor’s defense and supporting him through this little debacle. Aside from being extremely talented, he’s also known as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood and always treats his fans and colleagues with respect, rarely, if ever saying anything bad about anyone.

As of yet, Chris Evans hasn’t spoken up on the accidental leak of the very NSFW photo, but it’ll be interesting to see if he chooses to address it in the coming days or just waits for all the fuss to die down. As always, watch this space for more.