Marvel’s Avengers Has 4 New Features Coming In New Update

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Crystal Dynamics’ take on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes has been constantly plagued by setbacks throughout its short lifetime. When the first Marvel’s Avengers trailer dropped, fans were appalled by the character designs, and so the studio rushed to change them. Then the pandemic hit, and the game suffered a 4-month delay from its initial release date in May. Finally, before launch, critics seemed to agree that the title was simply lacking all around and even after it became available, updates have been released to fix numerous bugs and glitches.

Now, though, it seems Crystal Dynamics has taken some initiative on the project, as they’re working on four new features for a future update that’s coming soon. The first one is a War Zone ping system to aid you on missions, which will probably be helpful during gameplay to keep track of objectives and enemy locations. The second is an option that will allow hero icons to remain visible at all times, so that should your AI teammate venture off of your screen, you’ll still know its general direction, and the third feature is supposed to allow for a high contrast mode, which is sure to improve visuals.

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The fourth, and perhaps most important feature, is the new option to adjust the size of the game’s subtitles. For players with disabilities, the lack of this may have been alarming and it’s surprising that it wasn’t made available when the title launched. But now, that oversight will be fixed.

With any luck, Marvel’s Avengers will soon be able to regain its footing and live up to its full potential. Free downloadable content is set to release every few months, bringing with it new levels, cosmetics and modes, and with playable characters like Kate Bishop, Clint Barton and Peter Parker on the way, we remain hopeful that the game can recover and succeed.