Marvel’s Reportedly Decided To Racebend The MCU’s Mr. Fantastic

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In theory, Hollywood should be dictated by handing out the best jobs to the most suitable candidates, but we all know that’s not how it works. There’s no shortage of nepotism, backslapping and back scratching going on in the industry, and when it comes to major blockbusters especially, marketability is always one of the deciding factors.

This led to decades of almost entire casts being whitewashed, but as society pushes for a greater focus on equality, it looks like the practice that was once commonplace is on the way out. On the flip-side of that particular coin, if roles end up being race or gender swapped, then there’s always people that come crawling out of the woodwork with an opinion.

Will Smith was once under consideration to play both Superman and Captain America well over a decade ago, but he showed no interest in either because he knew audiences wouldn’t accept it. He eventually portrayed a comic book character in Suicide Squad, though, and a certain minority still couldn’t get over the fact that Deadshot is usually depicted as white.

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Michael B. Jordan faced similar treatment for being cast as Johnny Storm in Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four, and Kate Mara was hired as Sue because the studio wouldn’t let the director have both of the siblings be played by black actors. Sticking with the Fantastic Four, Deadline’s Justin Kroll recently reported that Da 5 Bloods breakout star Jonathan Majors has been cast in Ant-Man 3 as Kang the Conqueror, which means that the MCU’s Reed Richards will also be played by a person of color. At least, that’s what insider KC Walsh has pointed out over on Twitter.

Interesting take away this also means their Reed Richards will also be a POC!! I can’t wait for more marvel news

— KC Walsh – Black Lives Matter (@TheComixKid) September 14, 2020

We previously heard from our own sources that Tenet star John David Washington was being eyed for the role, and if this is the direction that Marvel are heading in for their Fantastic Four reboot, then the Ballers star would certainly be a phenomenal choice.