Michael B. Jordan Reportedly Eyed For Lead Role In Scarface Remake

4 hours ago


Universal have been trying to get another remake of Scarface off the ground for almost a decade at this point, with David Ayer first being tapped to write the script back in 2011. Several filmmakers were linked to the project over the years, including Harry Potter‘s David Yates, Jackie‘s Pablo Larrain and The Equalizer‘s Antoine Fuqua, while Ayer himself was attached to step behind the camera at one stage before that particular version was abandoned.

In 2018, it was revealed that the Coen brothers were handling the latest draft, and in March of this year, Suspiria‘s Luca Guadagnino signed on to direct. The Call Me by Your Name helmer has been talking up the project in several recent interviews, but it was never made clear if the Coens were still on writing duties or Fuqua’s casting choice of Rogue One‘s Diego Luna would remain.

At the very least, the latter would appear not to be the case, as rumors are now swirling that the studio are eying Michael B. Jordan for the lead role, which obviously won’t be a retread of Al Pacino’s wide-eyed and manic Tony Montana. Both Brian De Palma’s 1983 classic and Howard Hawks’ 1932 version were modern parables on the American Dream, and Guadagnino admitted that he wants the latest update to be a timely interpretation of the story as well.

Of course, Michael B. Jordan would be an unexpected choice to headline Scarface, but a welcome one nonetheless. The 33 year-old is one of Hollywood’s hottest young talents and a phenomenal actor to boot, and having recently moved into producing with his Outlier Society company, if he does end up signing on, then he could become heavily involved in the creative process to suit the narrative to his strengths.

Source: MovieWeb