Netflix Just Added An Underrated Samuel L. Jackson Thriller

2 hours ago


You’d have to be a pretty big Samuel L. Jackson fan to keep up to date with every single one of his movies, because the famously prolific star is known for being one of the busiest men in the industry that never seems to stop working, which is why he’s held onto the title of highest-grossing actor in history for so long – although those cameos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s countless billion dollar hits help out a lot.

The current state of the world means that the 71 year-old’s performance in March’s The Banker will be his only movie appearance of 2020, which is the first time he’s been reduced to a single starring role in a calendar year since he made his feature film debut as Gangster No. 2 in 1981’s Ragtime.

Having endured the most barren spell of his illustrious career, there’s no doubt Jackson will be heading back onto sets around Hollywood with a vengeance when operations start to resume with some semblance of normality, and he’s already got three in the can awaiting release in 2021. However, one of the more underrated entries in his vast back catalogue of crime thrillers has just landed on Netflix, and Lakeview Terrace is definitely well worth checking out.

The plot follows Patrick Wilson and Kerry Washington’s newlyweds as they move into the titular suburban community, where they fall foul of the bigoted veteran cop next door, giving Samuel L. Jackson plenty of chances to drop his signature style of foul-mouthed dialogue. Sure, the plot gets increasingly preposterous, but there’s no shortage of genuine tension on display and Lakeview Terrace makes ideal Friday night entertainment for those who just want to kick back and enjoy some good old-fashioned genre thrills.

Source: What’s On Netflix