Netflix Reportedly Courting Robert Downey Jr. For Big Action Movie

17 mins ago


Netflix is reportedly planning on making a splashy addition to one of their upcoming projects. According to our sources – the same ones who told us a Witcher prequel is in the works and Jason Momoa is being eyed for it, both of which were correct – the streaming service is currently in the midst of courting Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr. for a lead role in a big budget action movie that they’re developing.

Though plot details and the like are still unknown, and there’s no guarantee he’ll sign on, casting RDJ in any flick is sure to catch the attention of fans. After all, the two-time Academy Award nominee is arguably the face of the Marvel Cinematic Universe after anchoring the record-shattering franchise from the very beginning.

While there are whispers of him reprising the role of Tony Stark sooner rather than later, it appears that his days of fighting alongside the Avengers on the big screen are over for now. Still, audiences love the wisecracking legend and would surely enjoy seeing him kick some butt again in a full-length feature on Netflix.

The company clearly recognizes that, too. They’re still currently the top streaming platform in the game, but Disney+ is hoping to push past them soon. Great content on either side is going to be what ultimately decides this competition in the years to come, though, along with bringing in well-known stars who can generate buzz about the services’ latest projects.

Disney+ has a slew of great programming already in the pipeline, which means Netflix is going to have to work very hard to keep up with the new kid on the block. Securing Downey Jr. in a big budget film will definitely go a long way to accomplishing that, though, as well as potentially bringing in even more subscribers to the already popular platform.

But tell us, are you excited at the prospect of RDJ starring in a Netflix blockbuster action movie, or do you need to hear more details about it before you start jumping for joy? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think.