New PlayStation Sale Slashes Several Games To Just $2

16 mins ago


Lately, we’ve had a heap of big sales making their way to Sony’s current-gen console. From a trifecta of steep discounts on the Japanese company’s online storefront to GameStop’s 90 percent reduction on BioWare’s latest online-centric RPG, a new weekend has thankfully arrived and with it brings yet another great PlayStation Store offer to make your wallets that wee bit happier.

Indeed, right now you can snag a ton of top-notch titles for only a fraction of their RRP, but to help you sift through Sony’s eclectic offerings, we though we’d shine a spotlight on a handful of super cheap and super fun games that’ll cost you around the same price as a small fast food snack.

Specifically, we’ll be highlighting four indie titles that are currently reduced in PlayStation 4’s ongoing sales that’ll only set you back the paltry fee of just $2. Alas, these may not be huge AAA experiences, but they’re charming under-the-radar games that’ll entertain you and help keep boredom at bay. Obviously, these are limited time offers as well, so be mindful that they’re only available until October 1st.

Up first, then, is Gonner (or GoNNER if you want to be pernickety), which is a tough-as-nails procedurally-generated action-platformer from Swedish studio Art In Heart. While its colourful 2D aesthetic looks deceptively simple on the surface, this is a surprisingly deep side-scrolling shooter that’s reminiscent of other genre mainstays like Spelunky and SteamWorld Dig.

Next, we have a port of the iconic 1997 first-person shooter DOOM 64. I mean, who doesn’t like shooting demons in the face, right? Kick demonic butt and fry entire battalions of the undead with your trusty BFG in this sequel to id Software’s DOOM II.

Elsewhere, we have Planet Of The Eyes, which boasts the accolade of making it to the finals at the Canadian Videogame Awards’ Best Indie Game event. Focusing on a service robot stranded on a mysterious planet, this is an atmospheric platformer with a distinct eye-catching art style. And finally, there’s Solitaire, which is an easy pick-up-and-play digital interpretation of the classic card game.

Tell us, though, do any of these PlayStation titles catch your eye? If so, which ones? Let us know down below.