Pedro Pascal Reportedly Not Quitting The Mandalorian, Still On Board

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Last week, a worrying rumor started circulating that Pedro Pascal had exited The Mandalorian. Insider Grace Randolph shared that multiple sources had told her that the actor had proved “difficult” on set and was demanding a chance to take his helmet off in more scenes, due to the discomfort of wearing the heavy headgear. Producers wouldn’t budge on this, so Pascal was allegedly fired/resigned after a “pretty bad” split midway through production.

Of course, this isn’t what fans want to hear, to say the least, but thankfully, a new report has now come out which completely refutes the previous claims. Tipster Mikey Sutton of Geekosity has shared that his own sources close to the production “firmly deny” that Pascal has left the show in any capacity. And these sources provided a couple of reasons for why the Wonder Woman 1984 star making his alleged ultimatum wouldn’t make any sense.

For one, they point out that the actor would have been informed before signing on that his face would be covered up at virtually all times, so it’s unlikely that he would suddenly take issue with this “integral part of his character” so late in the game. What’s more, Pascal is known to share his portrayal of Din Djarin with stunt performers Brendan Wayne and Lateef Crowder. So, if he ever did become uncomfortable working under the helmet, one of them could take over for a bit.

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Sutton’s source also had some strong words in reply to the rumor. “(This is) another example of how people are trying to damage the Star Wars brand for a personal beef or profit from it on social media,” they said.

Even before this counter-report, it was already hard to swallow that Pascal would be so difficult on set. After all, we’ve never heard anything negative about the actor’s working ethic before and he’s quite beloved on social media for being a nice guy.

In any case, we’ll hopefully get some firm confirmation on this in the near future. But until then, we look forward to The Mandalorian season 2 premiering on Disney Plus on October 30th.

Source: Geekosity