Peggy Carter And Steve Rogers Get Their Own Spinoff With New Fan Poster

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Avengers: Endgame may have marked the end of an era that drew the Infinity Saga to a close and sent some of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s major names riding off into the sunset, but at least Steve Rogers finally got a happy ending. In the buildup to Endgame, fans were convinced that Captain America would bite the dust, only to find themselves pleasantly surprised when he journeyed back in time to hand over the Infinity Stones and decided to live out the rest of his life with Peggy Carter.

Peggy and Steve were always viewed as soulmates that constantly found themselves separated by time and circumstance, with their arcs being intertwined the entire time that they were a part of the MCU. Cap may have headlined his own blockbuster trilogy and Peggy starred in her own TV show that ran for two seasons, but their stories always tied back to each other in the end.

Countless fan theories have been making the rounds about how they would have spent the decades, and now a new fan poster from Reddit user WillAlwaysRespondYes imagines a Disney Plus spinoff show that would track their adventures during the 1940s, which you can check out below.

New Fan Poster Gives Peggy Carter And Steve Rogers A Disney Plus Spinoff

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Peggy Carter has always been regarded as one of the MCU’s most popular supporting characters, one that fans wished they could have seen more of after her screentime was reduced to flashbacks and cameo appearances. Hayley Atwell is fine with the idea of her time as part of the franchise drawing to a close, but there would definitely be some mileage in an old-school mix of period-set drama and spy thriller that showed how Peggy and Steve spent their time after being reunited.

Source: Reddit