Ray Fisher Says Ben Affleck’s Casting Reveal For The Flash Was A Publicity Stunt

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The ongoing battle between Ray Fisher and Warner Bros. over allegations of misconduct on the set of Justice League is getting messier by the day, and based on recent developments, it isn’t going to end anytime soon. After the Cyborg star made his initial comments about Joss Whedon, multiple people then came forward with similar stories, although the Avengers director never publicly commented on the matter.

Doing what they imagined was the right thing, the studio announced they were launching an independent investigation into the allegations, only to come out with a statement officially denying Fisher’s accusations, slinging some mud of their own after claiming that the 32 year-old was unwilling to cooperate.

Fisher subsequently dismissed WB’s side of story and provided evidence to the contrary, while Jason Momoa and Frosty the Snowman also became involved to add another unexpected wrinkle to the saga. It was announced that the Aquaman star would voice the iconic festive character in a new movie, only for Momoa to flat-out deny that the story was true and side with his Justice League co-star by confirming they were poorly treated during the reshoots.

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Now, Fisher has escalated things by voicing his thoughts on Ben Affleck’s return as Batman in The Flash. Rumors of the actor making a comeback as the Dark Knight had been making the rounds for months, but most people expected it to be announced at DC FanDome. It was revealed a few days before that, though, and Fisher has now claimed that Warner Bros. jumped the gun and announced it early to deflect attention away from his own issues with the higher-ups

Unfortunately, the fake Frosty news with Jason wasn’t the only PR tactic used to distract from the seriousness of the JL situation.

Ben returning as Batman was clearly meant to be revealed at DC Fandome.

I’ll give you one guess as to why @wbpictures likely jumped the gun.

A>E pic.twitter.com/IvmOOnN97s

— Ray Fisher (@ray8fisher) September 15, 2020

It did seem a little odd that such a huge story broke on a random Thursday just two days before FanDome was due to start, and there was also the widespread belief that Disney had pulled something similar by confirming the premiere date for The Mandalorian‘s second season just as John Boyega was blasting the studio’s approach to diversity. In any case, the public certainly seem to be backing Fisher on this one, and the actor definitely isn’t going down without a fight.

Source: ComicBook.com