Resident Evil Village Leaker Says It’ll Be A Cross-Gen Release

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Contrary to what fans have so far been led to believe, it looks as if Resident Evil Village will in fact be a cross-gen title when it launches next year.

Following on from AestheticGamer’s comments earlier this week – in which they detailed some development problems that the PS5 version of Village is experiencing – the whistleblower has opted to share a few more morsels of information today, this time regarding what many assumed Capcom had no plans for. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the survival horror sequel, it turns out, actually are in the works, though why the developer has yet to confirm as such is another matter entirely.

Prior to the emergence of COVID-19 and the subsequent global pandemic, they say Village had supposedly been in the development for both current and next-gen consoles and tentatively scheduled for a January 2021 release. For one reason or another, however, no mention of the game’s cross-gen compatibility has been made since then – a curious turn of events that, assuming everything up to this point is accurate, will change in the near future.

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Organizers of this year’s digital-only Tokyo Game Show have confirmed that Capcom and, by extension, several of the publisher’s upcoming titles, will be present at the show, with Village specifically confirmed as making an appearance. It’s here, no doubt, that cross-gen will be announced alongside a new trailer or, if fans are exceptionally lucky, even some live gameplay footage.

TGS 2020 kicks off today and runs through the rest of the week, concluding on Sunday, September 27th. For those specifically interested in Resident Evil Village, the date and time you’ll want to make note of are 12pm UTC/5am PDT on September 26th. An early start for some of you, then, but worry not if you can’t make it, as we’ll be covering the show live so you don’t miss a beat!

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