Robert Pattinson Has A New Movie Coming To Netflix This Week

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Fans may have to wait until 2021 to see Robert Pattinson play the titular superhero in The Batman, but they can still get a taste of his acting chops in the actor’s upcoming psychological thriller. The Devil All The Time is coming to Netflix later this week and could go a long way toward showing viewers just how talented the 34-year-old star can be.

The flick also stars MCU alums Tom Holland and Sebastian Stan, along with Bill Skarsgård, Riley Keough,  Jason Clarke, and more. From the looks of it, the film seems like a creepy romp through a shady town in post-World War II America.

Holland plays a young man named Arvin Russell, who’s determined to ward off the evil that threatens to destroy both him and his family. One of those crooked characters is Pattinson’s own Reverend Preston Teagardin: a smooth-talking preacher with bad intentions. The role appears to be quite a far cry from the sparkly vampire he played in Twilight.

EW Debuts First Look At Tom Holland And Robert Pattinson In The Devil All The Time

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According to Holland, the flick was a huge step for him as an actor. Hopefully, the same will be said about Pattinson once audiences have experienced the R-rated affair. Given that he’s been plagued by doubters ever since he was first announced as the next Dark Knight, a stellar performance here could alleviate some fans’ concerns about him taking over the cowl. By the end of the month, we might all take a page from Zoe Kravitz’s book and say he’s “born to play the role.”

Are you excited to watch Pattinson’s performance in this upcoming Netflix movie? Or does this sound like a film you’d rather skip? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think!