Ryan Reynolds Agrees That We Need Deadpool 3 Right Now

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Hollywood usually has a whole host of comic book movies in the works at any given moment in time, but few of them have been the subject of such intense speculation and confusion as Deadpool 3. The project is apparently in active development at Marvel Studios, that much we know, but any sort of updates or status reports have been incredibly hard to come by, with fans left to guess amongst themselves what’s going on with the film and when they might see it.

Even Ryan Reynolds hasn’t been able to really paint a clear picture of the current situation, and he’s the one who spent more than a decade dragging Deadpool through development hell at Fox. Now that the property is under Disney’s ownership, though, Reynolds doesn’t have nearly as much say over the creative side of things as he used to and reportedly, he’s getting frustrated with how long it’s taking for the pieces to come together. And we don’t blame him.

In fact, when a fan took to Twitter to tell the actor that they needed Deadpool 3 “right now,” Reynolds wholeheartedly agreed, as you can see below.


— Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) September 2, 2020

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Of course, even if the 6 Underground star is just as eager as we are for the Merc’s third solo outing, that doesn’t mean it’ll get off the ground any faster. Like we said above, he’s doesn’t have as much control over the character as he had at Fox and it’s seemingly Disney and Marvel who are holding things up here. Probably since they’re still trying to figure out the best way to integrate Wade Wilson into the MCU.

Whatever the case may be, Reynolds’ schedule is seemingly getting busier by the week, so if the Powers That Be don’t get a move on and start putting things into motion, they may find that their leading man is too busy to make Deadpool 3 at any point in the near future.