Ryan Reynolds Hilariously Trolls Dwayne Johnson Over Ripping Apart A Gate

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Ryan Reynolds is a busy guy. The actor has a whole host of projects in various stages of development, with two movies – Free Guy and The Croods: A New Age  – set to drop in the next few months and no less than 10 more to follow over the coming years. But despite how packed his schedule may be, the Deadpool star always makes a point to find a little time to troll his friends on social media.

Of course, his most famous troll war is with his eternal archenemy Hugh Jackman, with the two A-listers constantly duking it out online and poking fun at one another whenever they can. But in recent times, another contender has entered the ring to square off against Ryan: Dwayne Johnson.

Yes, the man formerly known as The Rock has become good friends with Reynolds lately and with the two of them working on Red Notice for Netflix now, along with a rumored larger role for the Canadian actor in Hobbs & Shaw 2, it seems their relationship will continue to flourish. But that doesn’t mean they won’t keep taking jabs at one another.

Case in point: Earlier this week, Johnson shared a photo on Instagram revealing that he had ripped his home gate off of the brick walls on which it was mounted. Of course, Reynolds couldn’t resist chiming in and as you can see below, he’s now hilariously trolled his friend.

Ryan Reynolds Hilariously Trolls Dwayne Johnson's Instagram Post

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Short, sweet and perfectly in keeping with the star’s usual quips, and while The Rock hasn’t responded just yet, it’ll be interesting to see if he has anything to say back. Though he’s probably too busy right now to get into any sort of trolling war.

Indeed, if there’s one person in Hollywood who has a more jam-packed schedule than Ryan Reynolds, it’s Dwayne Johnson. Besides, with both actors currently shooting the aforementioned Red Notice, we’re sure that they’re doing plenty of joking around and trolling on set as it is.

Source: Instagram