Samuel L. Jackson Returning As Nick Fury For His Own Disney Plus Series

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When Iron Man first hit theaters back in 2008, most people had no idea that it was going to launch an entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the film had tons of Easter Eggs and references that fans might’ve picked up on, it wasn’t really until Nick Fury showed up during the post-credits scene that we realized an Avengers movie was a real possibility.

Of course, Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. would go on to become the connective tissue throughout Phase One as Marvel built their cinematic universe, with the studio signing Samuel L. Jackson to a huge nine-picture deal in order to ensure he’d be sticking around for the long haul. And he certainly has.

Indeed, the actor has appeared in a whole host of MCU movies. Be it brief cameos in Thor and Avengers: Endgame or full-blown supporting roles in Captain Marvel and Spider-Man: Far From Home, his Nick Fury is one of the franchise’s most prominent figures, and now, he’s about to get his own vehicle.

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Variety brings word today that Samuel L. Jackson will reprise the role in a new TV show that’s headed to Disney Plus. Plot details are non-existent, but the outlet reveals that Kyle Bradstreet is attached to write and executive produce. Which other MCU characters may feature is still unknown, but clearly, Fury won’t be the only one.

It’s also unclear where, exactly, on the timeline this series will take place. Given that Jackson is starring, it’s unlikely that it’ll be a prequel, but then again, with what they can do these days with de-ageing technology, who knows? Alternatively, they could just be using the actor for the present day scenes and get someone younger on board for flashbacks. Assuming it’s going to be diving into the past, that is.

In any case, this is obviously hugely exciting news and fans can rest easy knowing that there’s a lot more of Nick Fury to come in the MCU.

Source: Variety