Sony Reportedly Wants To Have Venom Show Up In More MCU Projects

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The specifics of the new deal made between Sony and Marvel last summer that allowed Tom Holland’s Peter Parker to remain a part of the MCU haven’t been made clear, but after Sony threatened to take their ball and go home and deprive Kevin Feige of one of his franchise’s most popular characters, they might well have gotten everything they asked for.

Most people are under the impression that the MCUs Spider-Man will show up in the SPUoMC from time to time in a cameo role as the rival shared universe builds towards the Sinister Six, before putting the web-slinger front and center to battle half a dozen of his most famous foes. However, there’s also been rumors that Sony’s roster of heroes could occasionally jump over to Marvel Studios.

Morbius, Spider-Woman and Kraven the Hunter are all in the works, but Venom is both the biggest name of the bunch and a proven commodity played by a major star, after Tom Hardy’s debut as Eddie Brock raked in over $800 million at the box office. It seems inevitable that Spider-Man and Venom will cross paths eventually, then, we just don’t know in which franchise it will happen.

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Insider Daniel Richtman has now claimed, though, that Sony are pushing for more crossovers with the MCU to give the SPUoMC a boost, and that could lead to either Venom or a symbiote heading over to Marvel to cause some chaos. Taking to Patreon, the tipster wrote: “Sony wants to have more crossover with the MCU to give more buzz to their cinematic universe. Like having the symbiote and Venom in other MCU projects.”

While Feige would no doubt be reluctant to shoehorn characters that he doesn’t have control over into his meticulously-crafted mythology, if it suits the story, then fans would no doubt be completely on board with the idea of Venom showing up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Source: Patreon