Supergirl To End After Season 6 On The CW

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All good things must come to an end, and that’s certainly true in regards to The CW’s Arrowverse.

As the network’s shared universe expands and grows, more and more new shows are being added to the roster and that means some of the older series have to be retired. Arrow has already been brought to its conclusion, of course, and now, it seems Supergirl will follow as the next one to go.

Deadline’s reporting today that after season 6, the show will come to a close. Though unfortunate to hear, this doesn’t come as a huge surprise given that ratings have been a bit shaky for a while and it’s been rumored for months now that the series didn’t have long left. And so, after the 20-episode final season, Supergirl will call it a day, following Arrow out the door and making room for some of the network’s newer properties.

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As mentioned above, this is definitely unfortunate for fans, but at least they can rest easy knowing that the Arrowverse continues to thrive, what with series like The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow still going strong, among others, and new projects like Superman & Lois waiting in the wings. Make no mistake about it, the shared universe is here to stay, it’s just getting to the point where some of the older shows have to be retired.

Of course, The Flash is probably next to go, though as of yet, there’s no word on when it may make its final bow. For now, it still remains as one of the network’s more bankable properties and as such, we imagine it likely has a few years left. But for Supergirl, season 6 will mark the end and we can only hope it goes out on a high note.

Source: Deadline