Tenet Star Says He’s Up For Playing The MCU’s Mr. Fantastic

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John David Washington may only have a handful of credits under his belt, but he’s already well on the way to joining his father Denzel at the top of the Hollywood A-list. After gaining mainstream attention with a starring role in Dwayne Johnson’s HBO series Ballers, Washington firmly established himself as one of the industry’s fastest-rising talents thanks to a Golden Globe nominated lead performance in Spike Lee’s BlackKklansman.

The 36 year-old can currently be seen headlining Christopher Nolan’s epic blockbuster Tenet, putting his charisma and physicality to great use as the mind-bending thriller’s unnamed protagonist. In any other year, Tenet would be a success story of massive proportions, but the continued effects of the Coronavirus pandemic have limited it to a box office haul of just over $250 million, which is still good enough to make it the fourth highest-grossing title of 2020.

We previously heard that Washington was on Marvel’s shortlist of candidates for the Fantastic Four reboot’s Reed Richards, and after Jonathan Majors was reportedly cast as Kang the Conqueror in Ant-Man 3, it became a whole lot more likely given that Kang and Mr. Fantastic are related, meaning that both roles could be played by actors of color.

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In fact, in a recent interview, the former football player admitted that if Kevin Feige came knocking and offered him the chance to suit up as the Fantastic Four’s leader, he wouldn’t hesitate to accept.

“I’d say, ‘Well, thank you for having me, thank you for taking this meeting. Where do I sign?’.”

Fans are still desperate to see John Krasinski as Mr. Fantastic, but if that piece of casting doesn’t come to fruition, then John David Washington is a more than adequate replacement to lead the fifth and hopefully finest Fantastic Four movie, in what will mark their long-awaited introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Source: Comic Book Movie