The Batman Crew Were Reportedly Not Surprised By Positive COVID-19 Test

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Having been shut down for months as the Coronavirus pandemic changed the world as we knew it, The Batman finally resumed shooting last week buoyed by the overwhelmingly positive reception to the teaser trailer that had dominated the conversation coming out of DC FanDome, which was no mean feat considering the Snyder Cut of Justice League was the major selling point going into the virtual event.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t exactly plain sailing for the Dark Knight’s latest big screen reboot from there, and in short order, it was announced that production had been halted once more after an unnamed individual had tested positive for COVID-19. After it emerged that leading man Robert Pattinson was the person in question, fans immediately started fearing the worst as Warner Bros. shut The Batman down for a second time.

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There’s still no timeline for when the Tenet star will be back on set, but a new report claims that the crew weren’t surprised by a positive test happening so soon after the cameras started rolling again, with Warner Bros. CEO Ann Sarnoff admitting that they were ready to expect the worst, and there were protocols in place for any eventuality.

“I think we never expected things to go completely smoothly. In fact, as we’ve been getting our protocols ready, we built in contingencies. If someone tests positive, you do contact tracing, you pause, you evaluate, and come back when you can. I think it would have been naïve to think we wouldn’t have certain cases on certain productions. The most important thing is to be ready for when that happens. And we were very much ready.”

Not only were the crew prepared for how to deal with a positive test, but there’s even been rumors that The Batman could fire back up sooner than expected, with the title character not required for the likes of insert shots and second unit footage where a body double would suffice. This means that Matt Reeves and his team can continue putting the pieces together while Pattinson completes the mandatory two-week isolation process to avoid a further delay for a project that’s already suffered a fair share of setbacks in the six years since it was first announced.

Source: EpicStream