The Batmobile Will Reportedly Feature In Batwoman Season 2

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Kate Kane took up the Batman’s legacy in the first season of Batwoman, but for season 2, Ruby Rose’s heroine is gone and replaced with Javicia Leslie as original-to-TV character Ryan Wilder. Now, it will be the streetwise former thief’s job to continue the Bat legend and strike fear into the hearts of Gotham’s criminals. And she might inherit some iconic wheels along the way.

Insider Daniel RPK has reported on his Patreon page that Batwoman season 2 will feature the Batmobile. That’s all we know for now, but no doubt fans will be excited by this claim. Though season 1 was focused on establishing Kate as her own hero, the producers couldn’t resist filtering in some familiar facets of the Dark Knight’s mythos, and it seems its sophomore run will continue that. We’ve never seen the Batmobile in the Arrowverse before, so this could be a big deal.

Remember, the season 1 finale revealed that Thomas Elliot AKA Hush had undergone reconstructive surgery to make himself identical to Bruce Wayne, with Warren Christie taking over the part. Alongside the introduction of Ryan, then, presumably we’ll see the fallout of this reveal in season 2. Will Team Batwoman trust “Bruce” completely and hand him the keys to the Batmobile now that he’s miraculously returned? Perhaps.

Batwoman Season 2 Set Pics Reveal First Look At Javicia Leslie

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Batwoman just started filming again this week, with set photos unveiling our first look at Leslie in character as Wilder (only in her street clothes, though, as we’ve yet to see her don the cape and cowl). The pics also teased that there would be some kind of “Bat Toxin” spreading through the city, which appears to be a very on-the-nose reference to current events. With Hush-as-Batman, Ryan showing up and a virus sweeping the streets, this next run looks to be packed full of plot.

Expect Batwoman season 2 to premiere in January 2021 along with the rest of the Arrowverse series.

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