The Flash Will Reportedly Kill Off [SPOILERS] In Its Final Season

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The Arrowverse is set to go through some big changes in 2021. Supergirl will air its final season, we’ll see the debut of Javicia Leslie as the new Batwoman and Superman & Lois will focus on the pair’s two sons as they live in Smallville. But there’ll also be drama in Central City, as Grant Gustin has hinted that the upcoming seventh season of The Flash (due to air in early 2021) could be the last.

While it remains to be seen if that’ll be the case, we’re now hearing from our sources – the same ones who said Ben Affleck is returning as Batman in The Flash solo movie and the Fast & Furious franchise is heading into outer space – that the long-running show will end in tragedy, as Barry Allen will die at some point in the final season, sacrificing himself in a bid to stop the Reverse-Flash. If this indeed happens, it would make The Flash the second Arrowverse show to kill off its lead character during the series’ last run, as Arrow did the same for Oliver Queen.

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Of course, from a storytelling point of view, killing off the heroes as the end of their shows makes sense. The Arrowverse is bigger than any single character and the next time there’s a planet-spanning crisis that requires all superheroes on deck, why wouldn’t Barry and Oliver pitch in if they were alive? Maybe the only plausible reason would be that they’re simply not around anymore. It’s a cold logic that should give fans of Melissa Benoist’s Kara something to worry about as her show comes to an end.

If Arrow, the Flash and Supergirl are all gone, though, it’ll make for a very different Arrowverse. The trio were the bedrock of all prior stories and losing them might mean more large-scale excitement in Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman and Black Lightning. Let’s hope we get some new projects to fill the gaps, though. Personally, I’d love a show based around Grant Morrison’s classic Animal Man run.