The Justice League Unites In Awesome Snyder Cut Fan Poster

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The Snyder Cut of Justice League won’t be arriving on HBO Max until next year, and even then we don’t know if the four hour-long installments are all going to release on the same day or a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. But the fans that spent two and a half years campaigning to will the movie into existence are no doubt happy to wait that little bit longer to finally see it for themselves.

Zack Snyder might not be getting paid to finish his cut of the DCEU’s all-star epic, but Warner Bros. look to have shelled out a pretty penny on the effects budget given the complete re-design of Steppenwolf and some lavish visuals in the trailer that debuted at DC FanDome that were nowhere to be found in Joss Whedon’s maligned theatrical release.

Indeed, the studio are certainly hoping that the Snyder Cut lives up to expectations and causes a huge surge in subscriber numbers for HBO Max. Especially when you consider that the additional post-production costs and marketing blitz for the latest version of Justice League are set to push the combined budget to over $500 million before it’s even turned a single penny of profit.

The footage we’ve seen so far seems to indicate that the all-new Justice League will follow Snyder’s established somber aesthetic, but this awesome fan poster from SPDRMKYXXIII makes you think that Warner Bros. should go all-in on some more attention-grabbing marketing rather than the monochrome character posters that celebrated the official announcement.

The Justice League Unites In Awesome Snyder Cut Fan Poster

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The Snyder Cut of Justice League isn’t going to be a light-hearted romp if the filmmaker’s previous work in the DCEU is any indication, but at the very least, it’ll be vastly superior to the butchered blockbuster that landed with a thud back in 2017.

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