The Walking Dead Season 10 Finale Photos Tease A Certain Doom For Someone

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The Walking Dead is finally returning in a couple of weeks’ time for its long-delayed season 10 finale. Though we’ve had to wait six months for it, we’ve actually seen a fair amount of the outing already. Including the opening minutes, as well as a ton of photos. And now, we’ve got a brand new batch of promo images for episode 10×16, titled “A Certain Doom,” which tease that someone is going to meet their end in the finale.

First of all, we already know how the survivors will escape the predicament that the penultimate episode left them in – surrounded by Beta’s walker horde. As we get a taste of here, they’ll cover themselves in zombie guts and attempt to sneak through the crowd. But there are Whisperers in there, too, like the one armed with a knife seen in the one photo. Who’s going to be facing the ugly end of that, I wonder?

Most will make it out in tact, but the horde will continue to follow them as they escape. It looks like our heroes will have to take up arms against the Whisperers one more time for a final showdown and again, not everyone is expected to survive that, going by the tragic losses of the comic book version of this event. Still, at least they’ve got some allies coming – including Maggie Rhee and that mysterious masked rescuer.

The Walking Dead Finale Promo Photos Tease Certain Doom For Someone

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Not pictured here are Eugene and his group, on their quest to meet up with the representatives of a new community, as part of the finale’s B-plot. After all, we all know that this episode will introduce the Commonwealth into the TV show, who will no doubt go on to be a major part of the events from now until TWD‘s end with its eleventh season in 2022.

Don’t miss The Walking Dead finale when it airs October 4th on AMC.