The Walking Dead Season 10 Finale To Air Early For AMC+ Subscribers

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It’s been a long wait for The Walking Dead season 10 finale. The episode was pulled from its April airdate once quarantine kicked in and post-production was unable to be completed. And we’ve still got just over a month to go until it hits AMC on October 4th. That said, those who subscribe to AMC+ will be able to shave a few days off that wait as the network is making the finale available to stream on the first day of the month.

Today, The Walking Dead Twitter account confirmed the news of the early release date on the subscription service, teasing the special event episode – which they’re marketing as The Whisperer War: The Final Showdown – going up on AMC+ on October 1st. The announcement came with a re-posting of a new promo that debuted the other day as well.

The moment you’ve been waiting for… #TWD’s The Whisperer War: The Final Showdown premieres October 4th. Watch it early with AMC+ on October 1st.

— The Walking Dead on AMC (@WalkingDead_AMC) September 3, 2020

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The penultimate episode left things on a huge cliffhanger, as Beta sent an enormous zombie horde – the biggest we’ve ever seen on the show – to surround the survivors in their should-have-been safe house. We’ve seen enough by now to know that our heroes will find a way out of this dire situation – by covering themselves in walker guts to get through the crowd undetected – but it’s likely there will still be a toll to pay. The finale isn’t titled “A Certain Doom” for nothing, after all.

Elsewhere, Lauren Cohan is back as Maggie, for the first time since she dipped out of the series halfway through season 9. She’ll be back full-time from now on, too. Eugene and his group will finally reach the Commonwealth as well – er, I mean that mysterious other community we don’t know about yet. And there’s also a strange masked protector in the mix, who we genuinely don’t know anything about yet as they’re not from the comics.

Don’t miss The Walking Dead season 10 finale when it hits AMC in early October, either the 1st if you’re on AMC+ or the 4th if you watch via network TV.