The Walking Dead Star Shares Gory BTS Image From Season 10 Finale

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We’ve now only got one month to go until The Walking Dead finally returns after what will be a six-month break for its long-delayed season 10 finale. And to mark the occasion, one of the stars of the post-apocalyptic drama has shared a behind-the-scenes snap that teases the danger ahead for the survivors in the special episode.

Briana Venskus, who plays Beatrice of Oceanside, shared a pic of herself and Melissa McBride (Carol) on set on her Instagram account. The image (see below) features the pair dressed in walker gore-splattered raincoats. While Venskus seems to be enjoying herself and cuddling up to her co-star, McBride appears to be a lot less pleased with the situation. Also note the photo-bombing zombie in the background.

This post reminds us of where we left our heroes in season 10’s penultimate installment. A revenge-filled Beta had got his enormous walker horde to surround the medical tower that the various communities were using as a safe house. We’ve seen in the promos that Daryl and the others will replay an old trick to get through the crowd – covering themselves in walker guts so that they can pass through undetected.

The Walking Dead Star Shares Gory BTS Image From Season 10 Finale

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Director Greg Nicotero has revealed, though, that there will be an extra challenge this time compared to when they’ve previously used this method. You see, in this instance, there are Whisperers within the horde who won’t be fooled by the ruse and will kill them if they notice them. And with the episode being titled “A Certain Doom,” it’s a safe bet that not everyone will make it out of this final showdown of the Whisperer War alive.

Technically speaking, the upcoming installment isn’t actually the finale, as six additional episodes have been ordered for next year which will be counted as part of season 10. But this will certainly be a show-stopping final chapter in a major arc of The Walking Dead. Don’t miss it when it airs on AMC on October 4th.

Source: Instagram