Universal Reportedly Developing Fast & Furious Spinoff Set In Space

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The Fast & Furious franchise might be planning to wrap up the main saga with the tenth installment, but you can guarantee that there will be plenty of gas left in the tank for more adventures. The ongoing storyline about Dominic Toretto and his extended family that kicked off with 2001’s first outing has to end at some point, but Universal are rapidly expanding the world around the central gang.

Hobbs & Shaw threw Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham together in a buddy movie directed by the man behind Atomic Blonde and Deadpool 2, and delivered exactly the kind of entertainingly stupid blockbuster that was expected. The first Fast & Furious spinoff earned over $750 million at the box office and a sequel is already in active development, proving that Vin Diesel doesn’t have to be the middle-aged bald guy at the forefront of every new entry.

Epic Fast & Furious 9 Fan Poster Heads To Outer Space

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There’s also a female-driven offshoot of The Fast Saga in the works, and we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones that told us F9 would be heading beyond the stars long before it was confirmed by Michelle Rodriguez – that one idea being discussed behind the scenes is another spinoff that would take place almost entirely in space, and why the hell not at this stage?

Hobbs & Shaw was one step away from sci-fi anyway with cybernetically enhanced humans, and F9 is already heading in that direction, so Universal may as well just go for broke and expand the franchise’s horizons by diving headfirst into the genre with no shame for one of the upcoming spinoffs. It sounds absolutely ridiculous, which is the core appeal of the entire Fast and Furious series and exactly why it’s a fantastic idea. And while we don’t have any further details on the project just yet, it’s no doubt an exciting proposition.