Warner Bros. Reportedly Planning 2 More Joker Movies

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Warner Bros. must have been left kicking themselves after deciding that Joker seemed like too risky of a proposition to finance entirely alone, with the studio ultimately losing out on hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue due to having to split their share of the profits. Meanwhile, director Todd Phillips and star Joaquin Phoenix were laughing all the way to the bank, with the former ultimately walking away with the sort of payday that would make Robert Downey Jr. blush.

Neither Phillips nor Phoenix have openly discussed the idea of sequels being a definite possibility, but after Joker turned out to be one of the most defining movies of 2019 and rode a wave of critical buzz and awards season glory straight into the public consciousness, you can guarantee that WB would love for them to sign on the dotted line and make it a reality.

Joaquin Phoenix Goes Nuts In Three New Joker Photos

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The Flash is set to open up the DCEU’s multiverse, which would technically make Joker official canon despite the fact that it doesn’t connect to any of WB’s other films, and the latest rumors claim that the leading man has been offered a huge $50 million payday to reprise his Academy Award-winning role as Arthur Fleck in two sequels.

The information comes via a British tabloid and as such should be taken with a pretty large helping of salt, but it doesn’t seem like a stretch of the imagination to believe that Warner Bros. would be keen to expand the franchise given the success of Joker. In fact, they may even have to increase their offer to convince the 45 year-old to return seeing as Phoenix is hardly the kind of actor to sign a multi-picture contract to play the same character over and over again.

Source: Mirror