Watch: First Trailer For Netflix Horror Movie The Paramedic

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You can tell we’re approaching October when more scary content starts to appear on major services, with the latest offering, Spanish psychological horror The Paramedic, having a trailer and batch of images released.

When you see news about a movie with any kind of medical or sickness connotation to its title or central concept, it’s difficult to not immediately jump to the assumption that it’s a cynical attempt to exploit current world circumstances, such as the hatefully abysmal Corona Zombies. Thankfully, The Paramedic is nothing like that, instead being an insidious tale of paranoia and control.

After a road accident during a call-out, the titular first responder Ángel is confined to a wheelchair, his bitterness and reliance on his partner Vane leading him to suspect she’s cheating on him, resulting in him first stalking her movements and communications, then keeping her prisoner in their apartment, in his eyes balancing out what he sees as betrayal.

Trailer And Images Released For Spanish Horror The Paramedic

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The trailer here is, unfortunately, not in English, meaning unless you can speak Spanish, you’ll only have the visuals to go by, which as compelling as they are, fall just short of painting a complete picture.

Of course, Spain should be far better known for horror than it’s currently thought of, with the last couple of decades alone bringing us the likes of the [Rec] series, Timecrimes, The Orphanage, Julia’s Eyes, Mama, Game of Werewolves (aka Attack of the Werewolves), The Devil’s Backbone, Pan’s Labyrinth and The Others. From what little can be seen, this new effort looks set to take its place alongside such fare.

The Paramedic will be available on Netflix from tomorrow as part of the Netflix and Chills lineup to keep us on edge throughout the season of frights, scary sights and long nights.