Watch: Halloween Kills Fan Trailer Teases Michael Myers’ Return

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In a better timeline, we’d be just a month away from seeing Halloween Kills in theaters. But, in the one we’re stuck in, the film has been delayed a whole year due to the pandemic. So, we need to keep the hype train rolling for the second outing in Blumhouse’s Michael Myers trilogy for the next 12 months. And thankfully, this awesome new fan trailer helps, as it teases all the thrills and spills that are set to come when the Shape attacks next fall.

From YouTube creator Billy Crammer, the trailer slickly stitches together clips from a few different Halloweens as well as some other slashers to give us a flavor of what director David Gordon Green will offer up in Kills. Footage from 2018’s Halloween rebootquel reminds us that we last saw Myers trapped in Laurie Strode’s burning house, though what with him being indestructible and all, he’ll escape to wreak havoc on Haddonfield once more.

This trailer is terrific, no doubt, but thankfully Blumhouse has given us some official material from Kills already to keep us from going crazy with the wait. What appears to be the opening sequence was released along with the delay announcement. This picks up immediately after the last film, with Laurie, daughter Karen and granddaughter Allyson recuperating from their ordeal on the back of a truck, thinking they’ve won. But then a fire truck drives past, clearly on its way to rescue Michael from the flames.

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It’s been teased that Kills will explore themes of mob mentality, as the town of Haddonfield will be whipped up into violent hysteria by the threat of Myers on the loose. Interestingly, Allyson will be a leader of this movement, as her experiences in the last one have made her bloodthirsty.

Following Halloween Kills releasing in October 2021, Halloween Ends will then wrap up the saga of Laurie and her eternal tormentor for good (?) in 2022.